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Only Love Is Real

May I just offer one overarching perspective, as a token of my love for you? The human experience was designed to distance us from who we really are (limitless love) so that we can discover ourselves anew (love in form). This design has allowed for the experience of unconsciousness. Humanity’s trajectory from unconsciousness to consciousness was meant to be an evolving, unfolding, uplifting journey, but a monkey wrench arrived on the scene. Fear. Fear is an illusion that creates an opening through which all darkness may flow including death, anxiety, illness, hatred, self-loathing, cruelty and suffering. Fear is a tool of manipulation that thwarts our movement toward consciousness or the knowing of ourselves as love. Fear is like a false lens that colors our reality.

Nothing feels more real than fear. But it is not real. Only love is real. Just as unconsciousness exists alongside consciousness, fear exists alongside love. So, in every moment, we have the option of choosing either. Humanity has for most of its journey chosen fear and unconsciousness. This is not entirely our fault. But slowly and painfully, we began choosing love and consciousness. Now, we are being carried by an enormous momentum of love. Humanity is back on track mothaf*ckers!!!

Little thing to remember: As we choose love, everything that was created out of fear must dissolve. The things that were created in the frequency of fear and manipulation cannot exist where we are headed which is the frequency of love.

This is where we find ourselves, beloved friends. We are on the rollercoaster of love and dissolution of all that is not love. It’s scary. And thrilling. And we may not like it while we’re on it. But when we get off, and we're sitting around drinking a beverage, we’ll be like, whoa, that was kinda gnarly and fun. When you witness all that has been created in fear, choose love. When you witness its dissolution, choose love. When you are frightened, choose love. When you see someone acting irrationally, out of fear, choose love. When you act out of fear, choose love. The ultimate outcome, Us in Love, is assured. It always has been and always will be. You got this. We got this. ❤

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