With a career path that has crossed the fields of journalism, public relations, motherhood, fine arts, business management, and yoga, Kay Eck would say her greatest achievement is that she has paid very close attention for a very long time. Her joy and gift is to express the deepest truths in the most accessible way, celebrating the human journey she calls both devastating and incandescent.


She is currently at work on her second book, Cousin of the Sun, The Story of Robert Horse Stands Waiting, and a companion workbook to her first book Divorce: a love story. The workbook, tentatively titled Life: a love story, will help readers turn challenges into greater awakening, freedom, peace and joy. Kay lives near Lake Michigan, on a hill, in the woods. Her revolving and beloved cast of characters include four children, their people, one former husband, a large extended family and the Tribe of Light she gets to call friends.


Her first book, Divorce: a love story, is an exploration of her experience through conscious uncoupling which illuminates a way forward that champions our greatest struggles as opportunities for our deepest growth.


Kay is a speaker and teacher on the subjects of self-love, consciousness, and sovereignty.





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