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You. Are. It.

Hello Again Friends 💛

You are, quite literally, THE MOST!

As such, may I remind you that everything you need to navigate this journey of life is within you, awaiting your quickening gaze. Connecting to that Divinity is the healing that unlocks the wisdom that is your truth. No amount of number crunching, stat watching or policy following will give you the peace you seek and deserve because the external world is not designed for that. Your behavior will not guarantee the outcome you desire if it is motivated by fear, guilt or obedience to someone else’s plan for you. Only the consciousness of sovereignty can release you from the tyranny of doubt.

You are not the problem. You are the solution.

Woman with light brunette hair sits in a ray of light coming in the window in a shadowed room. Her head rests on her hand. She is wearing a dark v-necked shirt with a gold necklace and half of her face is shadowed.

You came to set yourself in motion so that your dreams for goodness and fairness and fondness can be made manifest. You came to throw your hat in the ring, to bring Heaven to Earth. You came to birth worlds of purposeful joy.

Nothing is beyond your reach. But the obtainable is within, not without. You do not need hope. It is your knowing that is needed now. You are the gift that has been given, the prayer that has been prayed, the answer that has been spoken.

You. Are. It. And that’s more than enough.


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