Still Kicking with Kay Eck and Guest Diana Schieke

Wednesday, September 30 at 7:30 PM Central

Join live on my Facebook page

Join us in person at Kava Diem*, 1 Illinois Street, St. Charles, Illinois


I'm so excited to announce new *live* content for the Alive & Kicking podcast! With this live stream on Facebook and Instagram, we continue the conversation with previous podcast guests. We start where the podcast left off and see how they're navigating their lives in the world today. You can ask them questions. You can ask me questions. We can dialogue!

You can join us live and in person at Kava Diem River Cafe in St. Charles, IL. After the live stream ends, we’ll open the discussion up even further!

Recordings of Still Kicking are available where you listen to Alive & Kicking.

*Kava Diem is large enough to accommodate your distancing desires. Please feel free to follow protocols that feel right for you. This is an after-hours event so please bring your own refreshments. Suggested donation to keep this treasure of a coffee shop alive & kicking: $10.

View or listen later on your favorite podcast platform.

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