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Join me!

Grab your hard hat, pickaxe and flashlight – we’re going deep into the recesses of modern life to discover the gold of what it really means to be human. Make no mistake, this isn’t a casual journey. That’s why we go
together, to support and honor one another along the way. With our sincere focus, this excavation will bring each of us in closer proximity to our true self – the one with all the access to authenticity, empowerment, peace and joy. You can expect:

  • Weekly study guides to accompany your (re)reading of Dear Human

  • Live, small-group discussion sessions via Zoom

  • Access to replays in case you must miss a session

  • Guided meditations

  • Take-away prompts and assignments to enhance your awareness of what your life is trying to communicate to you

  • Daily inspiration and encouragement


Please take a moment to read and sign the following required items:

Step one:

Step Two:

Please choose which Session you would like to attend.

Who Are We
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