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June 3, 2020 Interview with Lisa Marie Trunkenbolz

Show Notes:

In the inaugural episode of Alive & Kicking, Kay Eck speaks with Lisa Trunkenbolz about her one big moment of awakening and connection -- the day Lisa planned to die. Together they explore the paths that led to that moment, and the paths Lisa has forged since. Lisa is the owner and lead teacher at Bloom Yoga Studio in Saint Charles and Bartlett, Illinois, a certified personal trainer, a Reiki Master Practitioner, an extraordinary artist, and a mom.

Lisa Marie TrunkenbolzKay Eck
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June 5, 2020 Interview with Matthew Patti 

Show Notes:

From France and Australia, Kay Eck and Matthew Patti discuss awakening to live your best life. Matthew shares his own path from sport, to medicine, to quantum exploration; and reminds the listener that they are the "One Thing". Matthew Patti is a visionary, futurist, modern mystic, and global leader in conscious business growth. He is the founder of Innerversal Academy™ and creator of the Zero Limits: Shape Your Best Life™ program.

Interview with Matthew PattiKay Eck
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June 5, 2020 Interview with Diana Schieke

Show Notes:

Kay Eck talks with Diana Schieke about growing up in Germany and the U.S. and her personal experience of waking up. Kay and Diana discuss disordered eating, coming to peace with difficult feelings, and integrating friendships, family, mainstream culture, and the awakened life. Diana is a certified, registered yoga instructor as well as a certified specialist for organic foods and organic farming regulation. 

Interview with Diana SchiekeKay Eck
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