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Ever since I was a child, I've been interested in the deepness of things. That's still true, perhaps because that path is constantly showing me ever-truer truths. I find the most fundamental truth to be that we  are both human and divine in both form and spirit. That gives us a LOT of territory to traverse.  I am dedicated to casting light as best I can, tending bridges from illusion to truth and seeking not answers but questions because that is where the growth is.

I am so honored to share the human experience with you. When we step into the arena of heart-to-heart connection, exciting, enriching and revealing things happen. I would love for you to join me there!


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 Alive & Kicking Podcast Goes Live! 

Sept 16, 2020 7:30 PM

Kava Diem, St. Charles, IL

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Angels and Awakening podcast.


Kay Eck’s moving and melodic memoir brings us in close-range view of her map-less journey to consciously uncouple from her husband of nearly 30 years. 

Divorce: a love story

" I just finished this beautiful book...or poem...there's not really a name that I know if for what it is.  More than a story about conscious uncoupling, it is a window into the heart of a mystic that also happens to illumine a "(r)evolutionary antidote to the mass hypnosis that would have us sleep-walking through the unconscious habit of trying to "ex" love out of our hearts.  I loved it.'   --T.A.

Cousin of the Sun 

The Story of Robert Horse Stands Waiting

Out on an ugly patch of deserted gravel, after drowning himself in sorrow and alcohol, a young Lakota man named Robert Horse Stands Waiting became a forced participant in a tragic crime. Even as the horror unfolded in slow motion around him, there was an air of inevitability. He is Indigenous. This is South Dakota. And those two factors alone mean one will likely end up incarcerated or dead.

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