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What a crazy, never-ending journey we are on together.

Ever since I was a child, I've been interested in the deepness of things. That's still true, perhaps because that path is constantly showing me ever-truer truths. I find the most fundamental truth to be that we  are both human and divine in both form and spirit. That gives us a LOT of territory to traverse.  I am dedicated to casting light as best I can, tending bridges from illusion to truth and seeking not answers but questions because that is where the growth is.

I am so honored to share the human experience with you. When we step into the arena of heart-to-heart connection, exciting, enriching and revealing things happen. I would love for you to join me there!


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Dear Human, 

Coming Soon! 

Kay Eck's second book Dear Human, is a love letter penned to accompany the journeyer through the labyrinth of life lessons. A travel guide for the road ahead, it delivers equal doses of sacred encouragement, clear-eyed reminders and gentle medicine to ease the weary heart and excite the inner spark.


Kay Eck’s moving and melodic memoir brings us in close-range view of her map-less journey to consciously uncouple from her husband of nearly 30 years. 

Divorce: a love story

" I just finished this beautiful book...or poem...there's not really a name that I know if for what it is.  More than a story about conscious uncoupling, it is a window into the heart of a mystic that also happens to illumine a "(r)evolutionary antidote to the mass hypnosis that would have us sleep-walking through the unconscious habit of trying to "ex" love out of our hearts.  I loved it.'   --T.A.

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